".As a professional performer since 1982, I have been fortunate to see and work with Graeme Johnson at many NSW Folk Festivals & Folk Clubs around Sydney since 1994. My impression of Graeme's work has been of a performer totally committed to his craft and dedicated to its promotion and well-being. I have enjoyed, with his audiences, not only the splendid performances of his substantial original works, but also his energetic renditions of the classics."

Yuri the Storyteller

".His awareness of his surrounds and the needs of others, both performers and audience, meant that he was able to select appropriate material from his extensive repertoire and bring out the best in others.Graeme was very adaptable and understanding. A Festival organisers delight."

Pat & Barry Emmett
Sth West Shires Folk Music Club

".I have been involved in organising & running the St. Albans Folk Festival and can say without hesitation that my job would have been that much harder were it not for Graeme's tireless help.Graeme is an absolute joy to be entertained by.I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a "think on his feet" kind of Mc/Poet, whose motto is "the show must go on"."

John Greninger, St. Albans Folk Festival

".He has also been developing his skills as an organiser through his involvement with the North by Northwest Poetry & Folk Club at Ryde which started in Nov 97."

Ron Brown, President, Hunter Bush Poets

"I have known Graeme Johnson for nearly ten years and, I must say, he is a refreshing rarity amongst Bush Poets.His most recent poems "Only A Freesia for Henry", "Minahan's Lament", "Convict Love Tokens", "The Currency Kids" & "Faces on the Wall" are just superb. The templates are thoughtful, the research scholarly and the commitment profound.They are I believe, Bush Poems of a standard that most current practitioners of that rough and ready art form would be simply incapable of writing."

Pat Drummond, Singer/Songwriter

"...As a performance poet he holds my complete admiration and I feel confident in recommending him for any position that requires poetic talent."

Milton Taylor, 6 Times Australian Bush Poetry Champion

".I have known Graeme for a number of years through his involvement in the Illawarra Folk Club, the Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo and other folk related activities within the Illawarra area. His recent success in poetry writing competitions exemplifies both his originality and recitation skills.

David De Santi, Director-Illawarra Folk Festival
Australian Folk Festival

".As a performance poet he is without peer.he excels as both poet and Master of Ceremonies with his easy going presentation and style."

Peter Gillespie, President, Majors Creek "Music at the Creek" Festival

".Graeme worked on 2 major projects for Hornsby Council in 2000 as Poetry Director, the Australia Day Bush Picnic and the Olympic Torch Relay Day.both events were extremely successful."

Jo Lester (Events Co-ordinator)/Joanna Crawford (Community Relations) Hornsby Council

".I was impressed with Graeme's performances at the National Folk Festival and invited him to perform at Maldon (Vic) in that same year (mind you, he's been asked back every Festival since).he was well received by audiences and performers alikehis rapport is both entertaining and sensitive."

Richard Leitch, National Folk Festival "Reciter of the Year"

".Graeme has a great talent for reciting.and is a poet of note in his own right. He is capable of tailoring his shows to suit the mood and age of his audience.a "live-wire" poet."

Tony Page, Chairman, Galston Country Music Festival, NSW

".Adapting to a variety of venues and to specific requests for particular themes from our organisers, Graeme is the type of artist festivals love to have. His appeal to audiences, his cheerful disposition and the quality of his work ensures further appearances at our event."
Rollo Kiek, Artistic Director, Mount Beauty Music Muster, VIC

" Over the years Graeme has been seen in many guises at our Festival, Mc, Performance Poet and more recently as a judge. Truly respected by his peers Graeme is the sort of man who can "keep the show rolling" so to speak"

Jan Lewis, Co-ordinator, Man from Snowy River Festival, VIC

N.B (Full copies of references will be provided on request)

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